Boot Buddy 3.0 Black - Deodoriser Bundle

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black - Deodoriser Bundle

2684 total reviews

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Boot Buddy 3.0 Black - Deodoriser Bundle

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black - Deodoriser Bundle

2684 total reviews

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Your complete shoe cleaning & care kit, with an original Boot Buddy 3.0, cleaning solution, scented sacks & towel.

Boot Buddy
Boot Buddy
Shoe Cleaning Solution
Shoe Cleaning Solution
Tea Tree Scented Sacks
Tea Tree Scented Sacks
Cleaning Towel
Cleaning Towel

How to use

The Boot Buddy is the ultimate shoe cleaning product for active people. Boot Buddy removes mud, dirt, stains and sweat from your sport footwear and shoes. With its removable brush head, built in water reservoir and scraping tool, the Boot Buddy is the only tool you need to keep your footwear clean whatever your sport.

The new 3.0 Boot Buddy is the latest and best version yet of our innovative shoe cleaning product where you can change the brush heads on your Boot Buddy depending on your needs. Unlike the 2.0 where the head is fixed, the 3.0 gives ultimate flexibility to meet your lifestyle:

The Deodoriser Bundle comes with our Blue Brush, the medium one, as standard – the choice for sturdy boots that have been having fun outdoors. Think hiking, football boots or golf shoes. Attach to the Boot Buddy body, fill the reservoir with water and take with you to clean off mud in seconds before you change your shoes. Can also be used as a standalone brush for cleaning the midsole of sneakers when the stains need a little more welly.

How To Use:

  • Unscrew the scraper end, fill with water and then screw the scraper back on 
  • Untwist the bristle end to open the head and unlock the water flow 
  • Squeeze the middle of the Boot Buddy to help water flow and clean your shoes
  • If you want to detail your shoes, simply remove the brush head and give your shoes a closer clean. This method works perfectly for trainers & sneakers. 
  • Use the cleaning solution where necessary, either inside your BootBuddy when doing a quick clean. Or in a bowl with a detached brush head if you're doing a close clean. 

What's included:

1x Boot Buddy 3.0

1 x Replacement Head

1 x Cleaning Solution

1 x Lavender Shoe Deodoriser

1x Micro-fibre towel

Scan The QR Code On The Box To See How Best To Use Your 3.0

About our Lavender Shoe Deodorisers:

  • Bamboo activated charcoal naturally keeps shoes fresh & clean from bacteria and pollutants. 
  • Millions of pores absorb humidity like a sponge - stop bad smells, bacteria, mould and mildew in their tracks
  • Regenerate these sustainable deodorisers every month for 1-2 hours in direct sunlight.
  • Designed specifically for use with the Boot Buddy, to ensure that the clean you achieve is preserved long after!
  • Ideal for saving an old pair of shoes you love!

No chemicals - these environmentally friendly deodorisers are not only a healthy alternative to chemicals and sprays but have multiple applications!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2684 reviews

I love my Boot Buddy! I cleans up my jodphur boots so well -so easy to get rid of all the dirt etc picked up from mucking out and riding and back looking clean and tidy !


Very good product. My son now cleas his own boots!!


This has been really good for cleaning trainers and my son’s wellies. Highly recommended!


Good quality and good price


Great product

Easy for cleaning the boots