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Boot Buddy



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on-the-go cleaning and maintenance
Portable boot care has never been easier! Just fill with water and you're ready to go before getting to the car or changing rooms.
stiff bristles for removing dirt
Used with the scraping tool Boot Buddy effectively removes mud, dirt and stains from any football boot
Environmentally sustainable
Uses less water than a hose or tap. Also comes in recycled cardboard packaging
durable design for long-term use
A Boot Buddy will clean the toughest of dirty boots or trainers keeping your boots looking fresh across the toughest of seasons.'

What Our Customers Think

SO Excited

I've just brought one. Was honestly one of the best things I found on Dragons Den. Perfect for Football boots!

Patrick M

Great product!

I bought one for my 15 year old sons secret Santa gift from the family and it’s fab - both the scraper and the way the water is released. It’s a clever invention and does a fab job of cleaning Football boots, well done and thank you

Anne B

Absolutely fab!!

My daughter loves hers for my grandsons very muddy football boots .. bought over 5 years ago .. still going strong!

Michelle M

all-in-one solution to get your boots fresh in no time


Your BootBuddy 2.0 comes with a brush and scraper as well as a built-in water reservoir. The scraper is for getting really clogged up, difficult to dislodge mud. The brush is best used in conjunction with water which you can control by squeezing your BootBuddy once you’ve opened the valve on its neck. Then use the microfiber towel to finish off cleaning and leave your trainers looking squeaky clean. 

The scraping tool works really well on clogged up, difficult to dislodge mud and dirt from your trainers. The BootBuddy scraping tool will shift that mud before moving your clean up job on to the brush for a perfect finish.

First of all, please make sure you’re opening the right end! The end with the brush releases to let water out but doesn’t actually undo more than half a turn. The end of your BootBuddy with the scraping tool undoes fully to enable you to fill it with water. If you can’t undo it then try running under a tap before trying again. If you’re still having problems, please get in touch with our customer services team at info@bootbuddy.com

Absolutely. For anything other than suede we recommend using the BootBuddy Clean Solution to deep clean your trainers or running shoes. However, other cleaning fluids can be used. Please make sure they’re properly diluted and make sure to wash out your BootBuddy before you use it on anything else if you’re not intending to use the cleaning solution on them.

BootBuddy 2.0 works really great on trainers. You can also use it on any muddy footwear; boots, wellies, hiking shoes etc. We know that water and suede don’t mix so please bare that in mind if you are cleaning a shoe with any suede. 

It’s easy… The scraping tool end of your BootBuddy unscrews so that you can fill it with 300ml of water. Make sure the valve on the neck is in the ‘closed’ position if you’re not intending to use it immediately.

The brush end of your BootBuddy has a neck that twists to open and close the valve to either release water or to make your BootBuddy watertight. The neck twists anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close. Make sure you’re holding your BootBuddy with the brush facing up before you open it! 

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Here at Buddy Brushes, we work to processorders as soon as possible. Once an order is placed, it is unlikely we will beable to change the address however please do get in touch and we will try tohelp. Please email us with your query and order number at: info@bootbuddy.com

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