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Boot Buddy 2.0
Sue Carter
Fabulous product

It does what it says, lovely clean boots

Boot Buddy 2.0
Cherie Wilkinson
Boot buddy

Fast delivery.ordered 2 to keep in car to clean my walking wellies.used it already and I love it.Wellies clean and buffed up with micro cloth before getting home ready for next time

Boot Buddy 2.0
Simon Ward
Does the job

I have used the product twice and am very happy with its effectiveness in removing mud from my walking boots. I would recommend it to others

Boot Buddy 2.0
Terry Philp
Great product

Easy to use and brings the boots up clean every time


10/10 recommend
Trail shoes had about 2 inches of dried mud on them
Came up beautifully in <2'
Really impressed

Boot Buddy 2.0
Sophie Evans
Bloody brilliant

Love it, use it all the time! Very handy

Very handy

This gadget does what is says on the can. It made light of my Weber BBQ's first clean of the season with sparkling results.

Boot Buddy 2.0
Stephen Mainwaring
Handy shoe cleaning tool

Good quality shoe/trainer cleaning device, well put together and is supplied complete with cleaning cloth.

Boot Buddy 2.0
Kate Sibley
Boot Buddy

Brilliant - quick & easy to clean really caked on muddy walking boots !

Great for wellies

Used after a muddy walk in the woods, worked great. Super convenient to keep in the car boot.

Boot Buddy - 2.0
Katherine Weager

Great cleaning tool!

Just what we needed

Boot Buddy 2.0
Lindsay Lamb

Love this. It’s brilliant for cleaning the dirty rugby boots and easy for my 8 year old to do himself!

Sizzle Buddy - The Ultimate BBQ Cleaner

Boot Buddy 2.0
Suzi Morris

A brilliant simple effective gadget. Will buy another one to keep in my car.

Fantastic product

I really love the Boot Buddy! It’s the first time I’ve had one and it got my sons boots that were caked with mud clean in 2 refills of the product along with the drops of cleaning product. Really impressed!

Great Brush

This is amazing was able to wash my sons football boots so quick and easy. I cant believe I didn't have this brush before, its awesome. defo 5*

Boot Buddy - 2.0 -

Brush with confidence

Great product, nicely packaged, the care products are great too - easy to follow instructions etc. - also bought one as a present.
Highly recommended and means your not having to deal with the aftermath at home which undoubtedly makes more mess once its baked on!

Boot Buddy 2.0
Marisa Dawson BA Hons BSc Hons CIM
Brilliant tool

Amazing design and does the job well

Boot Buddy 2.0
Amanda Plowman

Does the trick!

Boot Buddy 2.0
Sian Davey
Just great!!!

Very impressed. Really easy to use, my boots looked brand new!

Boot Buddy 2.0
Helen Tunnicliffe

My 11 year old son is now interested in cleaning his rugby boots, really easy to clean

Boot Buddy 2.0
Dawn Bond
Great thing to have!

Kids are always coming in with muddy school shoes and trainers.This works perfectly It’s been used loads already and I’ve only had it a week!

Boot Buddy 2.0
Anne Illingworth
Boot buddy

Great for cleaning golf shoes and muddy trainers.