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Very good product. My son now cleas his own boots!!

This has been really good for cleaning trainers and my son’s wellies. Highly recommended!

Good quality and good price

Great product

Easy for cleaning the boots

Awesome keep it going guys

Great solution for cleaning boots

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + One Additional Brush Head

Great product for cleaning football boots, my fiancé loves it!

Great for the grandson who now cleans his boots

The best

Simple and very effective, the best cleaner I have ever used. Got 1 for my home grill and 1 for my caravan grill

The product was great, I could do with investing in new boot buddy heads

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + One Additional Brush Head

Fantastic for cleaning my golf clubs!

Used a few times per week for my clubs and shoes.

Does what it says on the tin. Very useful

These make the tedious job of cleaning shoes, boots and trainers almost fun. I keep one in the car boot and another at the back door.

Really impressed on how it’s cleaned shoes, trainers & boots that I’ve been guilty of neglecting

Well engineered, I bought two - one for the car and one at the back door. I really like the ease and speed of use.

Paw Buddy 2.0

I already have a boot Buddy (which is great for muddy boots). I wanted to try the paw buddy for my dogs paws. The brush is softer and kinder to dogs paws. Definitely recommend

Good product does a great job

Great for getting mud dirt off

All good

Boot Buddy Draw Bag

Great product
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