Wise Purchase

I bought the Boot Buddy for my son as he plays rugby on a Saturday and mud is always relentless. The Boot Buddy made the task of cleaning my son’s boots easy. He will run off to the side of the pitch, clean his rugby boots and pop them in a carrier bag. I feel it’s an amazing product as it gives my son the responsibility to clean his boots. As an added bonus it saves me from ruining the kitchen sink and clogging up the bath with mud.

Margaret, Chiswick

Quick easy and fun to use

I suffered from the tale tell problem of muddy boots. Then when searching for a solution I found the Boot Buddy. It is very convenient, especially when I play a matches on Sunday. I leave the Boot Buddy in the boot of the car and clean my boots before I drive home so I don't have to worry about doing it later.

Peter, Cheshire

Clean my boots right away

I’m used to cleaning my boots with an old toothbrush or something similar. However after stumbling across the boot buddy my cleaning regime has become a lot more efficient. I was a little apprehensive at first as I wasn’t sure what to expect. But having used it for the last month I would happily recommend it. It’s just so easy and straightforward to use. It fits nicely in my palm so I can grip it properly and clean the boots well. It also minimises the mess that other brushes would create. I think that’s because the boot buddy allows you to carry the water with you in the bottle part of the product. So I can clean my boots outside the house or right after a match.

Tiffany, Oxford University

My favourite new gadget

I’m a dog-walker by profession and to say I have to deal with mud and dog muck on a regular basis would be an understatement. My wellies have remained caked in mud for months on end because I just couldn’t be bothered to take the time to clean them. Boot Buddy turns this much avoided chore into a breeze and is my favourite new gadget.

Anthony, Scotland