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Great tool

Very good tool

Brilliant 🤩

Fabulous for those muddy wet walks or even just for everyday use to keep paws clean! Our four legged friend doesn’t mind it at all 😀🐶😀🐶


I first purchased the boot buddy as I go walking a lot and boots are a pain to clean, the boot buddy changed that and made it so easy to clean my boots now. I since then purchased the Sizzle Buddy and I have not been let down, it cleans my BBQ perfectly. Just the job! I will keep an eye out for more buddies.

Boot Buddy 2.0
Anna Taylor
Very impressed

It's exactly what my son needs in dealing with his boots after rugby!!!

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + One Additional Brush Head

Good all round experience

A great experience from order to delivery and the boot buddy has done the job for my golf shoes & clubs! Great product

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + One Additional Brush Head


they help so much and they help me keep my shoes clean

Works a treat!

Used it on golf shoes, golf trolley tyres, walking boots, football boots…really quick and easy to use


Bought as a gift, recipient seemed very pleased

Works great on big green egg

Works as per advertisement. Easy to clean. Great gadget

Birthday present

Was easy to order and delivery was quick. It is a present so hasn’t been used yet. Looks good quality and easy to use

Premium Tea Tree Scented Shoe Refreshers



Boot Buddy Shoe Kit is great!

So excited when this got released to the US! Have had the original green and blue one and mainly used it actually for our Cat’s stroller wheels after a walk around town and if we accidentally rolled thru some un-picked up dog poop🤮💩

So that’s been great to have! And now with the new Black Boot buddy shoe kit I can keep my sneakers and other casual shoes looking fresh.

Love the concept and simple design. Thank you boot buddy team for great product and looking forward to Sizzle Buddy coming to the US👌🏽

If you’re looking for a handy shoe cleaning kit all in one then grab yourself a Boot Buddy!

Originally saw this few years back since I am a soccer player and fan my whole life and this would have been great while growing up the last 30 years playing everyday!

But still great to have as an adult and still very active and play soccer when I can and workout.

I just got it!

Love it and so handy to take with me on hikes and to the beach with my dog!

Does the job

Amazing I have used it twice and it has pulled mud ingrained in the boots I could never get out.

Easy to use on Post-op pup!

My dog Neo’s paws were a little neglected after she received surgery for her ruptured CCL. While healing she didn’t want anyone messing with her paws, but doesn’t have an issue when I use the paw buddy on her! Although she doesn’t enjoy her paws being cleaned, she tolerates it well enough for me to sneak in a quick clean.

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + One Additional Brush Head

Cleaning aid

These I bought for presents , I was very pleased with the the one I bought my grandsons,they love useing it and all say it's a must have for anyone as well as those who do sports .

Foam Cleaner
Lee Milne
Boot buddy

I'll try a lot cleaning products for my trainees I'm not really worked because my trainees are not like any other ones by other materials all the time and since I've used it body buddy my trainers come out like new so I recommend everybody who used to boot buddy because it is an awesome products to use for your trainers do anything outside as well it could be a bigger can of moose

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + Three Detachable Brush Heads