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Excellent Product

Bought this product a week ago and used it for the first time today after our walk, it is absolutely brilliant. Our walking shoes were filthy and using the boot buddy made cleaning them so easy, would definitely recommend it!

Great product

Really pleased with how well this does it’s job

Great - but options would be better

For muddy paws, the soft brush is brilliant - gentle but long enough to get all the muck out between toes! It would be great if there is was a larger option tho for big dogs so you don’t have to refill between front and back paws (especially if you’ve got a dog that hates their feet being cleaned!). It would also be nice to have the option to have with/without the comb as probably only useful for longer haired dogs and a bit cumbersome if you’re not going to ever use it! Happy with it overall, and will continue to use as my dog isn’t freaked out as badly as he was with the electric/bucket paw washers - but think when it comes to dogs different sizes/options would be more useful.

Great gadget

A fantastic piece of kit to clean down my boots and Nordic walking poles. Only negative for me is the water reservoir is slightly too big/wide for me to get a good grip with my hand. It’s more man sized than ladies size.

So handy

Great little tool. So handy. Arrived fast.


Very effective at cleaning very muddy running shoes with a little warm water - more than pleased with performance. Struggled initially to release water into the brush head - it's a case of twisting, and lifting slightly as you do so, the brush head from the main body.


The Boot Buddy is honestly revolutionary as I do OCRs and trail runners. I had no concerns buying the paw buddy, my puppy loves muddy walks but hates water so washing his paws is a nightmare. Not anymore, quick and easy with no upset pup!

Bootbuddy buddy!

Delivery really good. Bootbuddy is lasting well, despite many hours if gnawing. Long may it last. Frank.

Great stuff

I have to say that Boot Buddy is now my buddy. Only takes a couple of minutes after my walk to clean up those boots and get them ready for next time. Just fill it up with water and get yourself out in the garden and give those buts a scrub. Gets in between the grips on the sole and effectively cleans the uppers whether leather or synthetic. Great!

Boot Buddy

Delivery was prompt. Only used twice so far and it works as it said it would. Definitely would recommend as it is simple and effective. Cloth was an added bonus!

Boot buddy

Fantastic little product. Seen it around for years and finally bought one. So glad I did, it’s brilliant! Should have bought one sooner!

Boot Buddy
Every runner needs this

Luv it

It really does work!

When paying £160 for running trainers, you shouldn’t be washing them week in week out. The bot buddy will keep your expensive shoes, boots, trainers etc in really good condition and save you money in the long run!

Paw Buddy
Great product!

Really good, simple to use product! Gets our dogs paws nice and clean without needing to break out the hose, would recommend!

Boot buddy

Great item, so helpful saves me loads of time

I now have mud free boots ready for next outing. The spikes are particularly useful for removing the mud lodged in the boot crevices. Recommend.

Sorry still no sign of it to arrive

Boot Buddy
Useful invention

Useful invention. I fill and leave by the door so I can clean down when I'm back from my exercise. It will get lots of use. I've got the older design which is a bit more rigid I'm told and harder to squeeze the water out of. A bigger tank would be useful.
I ordered the older style as it was cheaper and stated it didn't come with a micro fibre cloth, which I didn't need or want (I'm trying to save on unnecessary extra plastics). It came with one anyway.

Such a simple idea, but it works!

I must admit my walking boots caked in mud had become quite daunting, running them under the outside tap didn’t really scratch the surface and since I didn’t have a brush or similar to clean them I stumbled on the Boot Buddy when searching. A quick delivery and after getting back from a walk I decided to test it out.

As I had thick dried on mud underpinning the fresh offerings added on my latest ramble I did deploy the outside tap to give my boots a good soaking before getting to work with the Boot Buddy, a moderate amount of elbow grease and the mud came off easily. I’ve now left it near my back gate filled up ready to tackle them as soon as I get in to avoid quite such a dried on challenge. It’s portable enough to take on a road trip too to clean up before putting your boots back in a car and making a mess.

Great product.

Boot Buddy


Very pleased. Excellent product, and useful

Excellent Service

My first order didn’t arrive - completely down to the courier - Boot Buddy instantly sent out a replacement and kept me updated the whole time. Fantastic customer service! Product is great too!!!

Working well

The boot buddy has come in very handy with all the wet muddy weather. I use it to clean off my goretex walking boots and it does the job really well.

Third one I’ve purchased

Great present

One tool for the job

The boot buddy has saved me from using numerous pieces of equipment to clean my trail running shoes. I purchased the full kit so the refresh sprays keep my shoes protected and smelling clean!