Intellectual Property

Here at THEBOOTBUDDY LTD ('Registered in England & Wales') take an active interest in Intellectual Property and are enthusiastic in the enforcement of our Intellectual Property rights. As such we have a comprehensive portfolio of Patent, Trade Mark and Design Registrations, as well as a variety of supplementary unregistered rights inherent in our business and in the product. This section of the website puts you on notice that we hold those and other rights.

With regard to Patents, we have pending Patents in Great Britain with publication nos. 1419841.0 and 1407422.3. We also have pending international rights via a PCT application, PCT/GB2015/051029. This PCT application has been published so by reading this you will be put on notice of that publication. These applications cover the “BOOT BUDDY”.

With regard to Trade Marks, we have a registered Community Trade Mark no. 013272761. We also have a registered UK trade mark, no. 00003057371. We also have pending rights in Brazil via application nos. 910198802 and 910198888, in Canada via application no. 1747533, in China via application no. 17431877, in the US and in India via international application no. IA00003057371_01 and in South Africa via application no. 2015/27538-39. All registered Trade Marks and Trade Mark applications are for the word mark “BOOT BUDDY”, although unregistered rights in copyright and passing off subsist in many aspects of our business and its branding.

With regard to Designs, we have registered designs in Argentina via application no. 87965, in Australia via application no. 201510217, in Canada via application no. 160542, in China via publication no. 303122551S, in Europe via Community Registered Design no. 002507970-0001, in India via application no. 266624, in Japan via application no. 2015-001226, in New Zealand via application no. 419782 and in South Africa via publication no. A2014/01494. We also have pending design applications in the United Arab Emirates via application no. 77/2015, in Brazil via application no. 302014006311-1 and in the USA via application no. 29511032. We also have unregistered design rights in the design of the “BOOT BUDDY”.

We also draw your attention to the fact that THEBOOTBUDDY LTD asserts Copyright (2017) in all aspects of this website, rights to which are all reserved.

If you require any further information, for example, because are worried that you are infringing the rights which we hold, you might wish to take a licence out in a given territory, do contact us via our Contact Us page in the first instance and we will get back to you.