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Amazing device. Best boot cleaning tool ever rat even the kids clean their own boots.

Excellent - bought one for my daughter too and my grandson is actually cleaning his football boots and trainers himself!!! Great service arrived in only a few dsys. Will definitely buy again

Great product. 10/10

Really useful and is helping my daughter clean her own boots! Cleaning solution and cloth also very useful for cleaning other shoes.

I love it
Just did a test on some dirty shoes omg the result is amazing

Great product and great build quality.

Simple to use and very effective


Work brilliantly and still effective a few months in. Would definitely recommend 👌

This is a great product

Excellent idea, rugby nut thought it was brilliant.

Gave them to my boys for Xmas and they love them. Fabulous product.

Excellent product and customer service.
Works great on my fishing wading boots.

Really nice soft bristle on the end and added bonus of the brush the opposite end. My dog doesn’t particularly like water so once I can desensitise him to this it’ll be a great asset to our adventures!

Easy to use and love the scraper on the end especially after a very muddy trail run

Amazing product
Use it to clean my running shoes

So what they said on the tin

My son’s love it..

Perfect. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get one. Definitely recommend

Arrived quickly. I was going to buy another as they had offered me a discount but now I can't find it so I'm not going to bother with a second one 🙃

Great product and quality