The Boot Buddy is the invention of two brothers who were sick of being told off by their mum for bringing mud into the house. (Sorry mum!)

Boot Buddy product and box

So where to begin with this story… Probably by quoting Bill Gates, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” We shouldn’t admit to being lazy but when it comes to cleaning our boots we weren’t exactly keen! To sum up our approach to boot cleaning: Aaron (my bro) would wait for mum to do it and I (Gaz) would never clean them at all ever, sometimes my boots would even have studs missing. By not keeping our boots clean, we totally ruined them! But what could we do, there wasn’t an easy way to keep them clean.

After football training one day, Aaron took a water bottle, plastic knife and a washing up brush then combined them. At first I saw the concept and said, “What are you doing? Go and do it the normal way with a hose/in the sink” But his idea worked, well sort of.

We then took the idea and had proper designs drawn up, after looking at all the different variations and possibilities we agreed that our current shape was the best. After a couple of months we were presented with a 3D prototype and to be fair it cleaned boots very well despite being a print out.

We wanted to manufacture in GB and so we found a small family run operation to begin making our prototypes but they were so good we began our full manufacturing with them and here we are today…The Boot Buddy. (Story accurate to 2022)