Can Boot Buddy help the environment?

When we launched the BootBuddy, cleaning shoes was the primary focus and function of the product and not necessarily the environment. I can’t imagine many 11 year olds are thinking about the environment, well maybe Greta but not all kids are Greta are they.

A teenager's perspective: What is a 21st century environmentalist? -  Synchronicity Earth

We did however launch BootBuddy with the focus of being able to clean shoes as quickly and as easily as possible. Therefore we focused a lot of effort into the bristles, functionality and ergonomics of BootBuddy, because we did those bits really well we were able to do a lot more cleaning with a small amount of water. BootBuddy uses less than a can of coke of water to clean a pair of dirty shoes.

Fun fact, did you know using a traditional outdoor tap to clean your footwear for 5 minutes uses 75 litres of water. Using BootBuddy to clean a pair of shoes uses a whopping 74.7 litres of water less than a hosepipe!.

Another fact is if you use your BootBuddy at the side of the mountain say, or on the golf course and when you do this the mud stays where it should and where the earth intended. Before you say, hold on the brand talks about the earth yet your product is made of plastic?!

Well rest assured we care greatly about the environment here at Buddy-Brands. BootBuddy, PawBuddy & SizzleBuddy are not single use plastic products and are 100% recyclable. We have removed all single use plastic from our supply chain, since doing so we have saved a massive 15 tonnes of plastic. It’s a great start for how we mean to go on; we have other initiatives to reduce plastic, and this will be announced in due course.

One of our latest innovations to help reduce consumption in general is the introduction of replaceable heads. We took this step to encourage customers to replace the brush heads when they can, instead of having to replace the entire unit. You can buy all of our items guilt free knowing they’re 100% recyclable and single use plastic free.

Next on our list is how can we become carbon neutral? This is something you often hear big companies talk about, they often brag about being carbon neutral whilst committing some sort of other environmental faux pas elsewhere such as the CEO taking private jets to seminars to discuss climate change. We’ve taken one small step so far, everyone within the team has pledged to walk rather than drive whenever we can and whoever walks the most steps come the end of the year will win a prize!. Buddy-Brands will be completely carbon neutral by 2022, we’re determined to be a little good company in this world and as we continue to grow so will our environmental credentials.

Below are a few ways you can reduce your environmental impact and make move to becoming more sustainable and carbon neutral



· Take good care of your clothes

· Try swapping, borrowing, renting or buying second-hand

· Buy responsibly-made clothes, e.g. made from recycled material or with an eco-label


· Cycle or use public transport

· Be smart about when and how you drive

· Try the train for your next holiday

Energy and waste

· Turn down the heating by 1°, it will already make a difference

· Take short showers

· Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or clean the dishes

· Unplug your electronic equipment and don’t leave your phone on charge when the battery is already full · Don’t store unnecessary data in the cloud (learn more about your digital footprint!) · Select energy efficient products with an “A” label (EU Energy Label)

· Limit and recycle your waste

Here’s to the future and preserving it for generations to come!

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