Protect Water & Stain Repellent

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Protect is a powerful water & stain repellent spray we were inspired to create following feedback from our amazing customers. 

It can be purchased separately or as part of our shoe care bundle, that includes both our Clean and Refresh products, for a beginning to end shoe cleaning solution here.

Protect repels water and liquids and helps to prevent against stain damage. 

  • Firstly ensure your shoes are Cleaned and Refreshed before using the Protect spray
  • Take your shoes to a well ventilated area, such as a garden or field and evenly spray them with one layer of protect
  • Wait around 10 minutes and then repeat the process to ensure the shoe is fully coated
  • Allow shoes or boots to dry for about 24 hours
  • We recommend repeating this process as and when required, or every few weeks for outdoor sports shoes.

 Although a rigorous testing process has been completed with all of our products, we do still recommend testing out the foam and sprays on an inconspicuous spot on your shoes ahead of a full coating, especially for lighter colours


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Quick & convenient

Prolongs the lifespan of your footwear

Minutes to clean the most stubborn dirt build-up

Convenient & uses less than 300ml of water

Less time cleaning, more time playing!


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