Paw Buddy

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Paw Buddy For When Your Dog Gets Muddy!

 Paw Buddy is useful, durable and efficient product that is able to gently clean mud and dirt off of your pets paws. 

With it's durable plastic comb and powerful brush with gentle bristles, it can also pick out  mud and leaves from your pet's coat, leaving them clean before getting home or into the car! 

The best part is, its super portable and easily refillable. So you can clean almost anywhere! 

    Suitable and recommended for all types of dogs. 

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    Forget having to hose down your dog or having to wrestle them in the bath tub, our new device lets you clean off your dog's muddy paws using only 300ml of water before getting back into the car or house. As well as saving you water, it saves you time. The Paw Buddy is portable and easy to carry! Clean your furry pal before you get in the car, house or any place where mud is not welcome. However long or messy your walk may be, as long as there is mud involved, the Paw Buddy is the solution to your muddy problem. The Paw Buddy can be used by the whole family, from child to parent. Convenient, portable & simple to use. The only Doggy cleaning device you'll ever need!!
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    Quick & convenient

    Prolongs the lifespan of your footwear

    Minutes to clean the most stubborn dirt build-up

    Convenient & uses less than 300ml of water

    Less time cleaning, more time playing!


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