The trials and tribulations of maintaining a pair of trainers.


Growing up in the city of London, trainers were and still are important to young people. What’s a Chelsea boot when you can have a brand new pair of white Air Force 1’s to show off? This makes even more sense after finding out that trainers are the most popular kind of shoe in the UK.

About a decade ago in secondary school, I remember a few students who would hide their newest pair of Nike Airmax 90’s in their backpack to sneak them on later. Just to show off of course. A lot has changed but I know that ultimately, there is one reason to keep your favourite pair of trainers clean; pride. Keeping a pair of trainers clean is one of the most important rules of having an elite trainer game. Boot Buddy has changed the game by making this as easy as possible. If it isn’t fresh then let’s be honest, it's time to add a new pair to the collection. I can’t speak for everyone but I know that many people aged between 16-25 will stick by this. So what are some steps to maintain a pair of trainers?

Step 1: Take a picture…

You have to remember what they looked like in the beginning to keep them that way, right? In other words, this is an excuse to let everyone know about your new pair of trainers.

Step 2: You can’t wear them every day!

Like mostly everything, continuous use will cause wear and tear. For someone who is obsessed with trainers—creases are our enemy. Too much walking = creasing. So give them a break.

Final Step: Cleaning.

It doesn’t matter how careful you are—the day will come when you need to clean your new (or maybe old) additions. I made a terrible mistake of putting my white Nike Zoom 2k’s in the washing machine…let’s just say Rest in Peace to those.

However, my life changed for the better when I decided to use the Boot Buddy brush and the Clean and Protect products to save my Airforce 1 Jester’s XX. These were ruined after an instant coffee spill and some (silly) cloth swipes trying to rid them of any granules. After a good scrub and clean with the Boot Buddy products, I’m sure that I have finally found a companion for maintaining a pair of trainers.

What are your trainer rituals and how do you keep them fresh? Let us know @bootbuddy  on Instagram and @TheBootBuddy  on Twitter.

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