Where it all started

So our Boot Buddy story starts with two brothers Aaron (Arminder) and Gaz (Gurminder). Who were both sick of being repeatedly told off to clean their muddy football boots and to stop bringing mud into the house by their Mum (the heroine in our story).

The Boot Buddy really is a tale as old as time, play sport, get dirty boots, HATE the cleaning process. Repeat, week after week. Season after season. Unless your Gaz, who confesses to “never cleaning his boots, ever.” He even admits that some of his boots would have studs missing. By doing this, it completely ruined his pretty expensive boots time and time again.

Now we all know that this just won’t do, so here’s where the magic happens. After training one day, Aaron took a water bottle, a plastic knife and a washing up brush and combined them. Here is where the protype of the Boot Buddy was born, well sort of.

There were doubters (Gaz) who went back to the old hose/ in the sink to clean his boots. But both brothers saw, pretty quickly that there could be something in this…

The next chapter involved getting concept designs drawn up and after going through some amends to shape and variation landed on the final concept that was still pretty close to the original prototype design. Next with the help of a 3D printer the real prototype was created, and according to our brothers, it cleaned boots fairly well.

And the rest is history, well not quite, after robust testing process the Boot Buddy was ready! And it’s pretty much remained true to its core design ever since! 
Boot Buddy the sequel … what’s next

>new colours and new lines