Refreshing Deodoriser Spray

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Refresh is a powerful new Deodorising Spray inspired by our amazing customers and Boot Buddy creator Aaron.

  • Simply spray your shoe or boot for around 2-3 seconds
  • Be sure to spray your shoes outdoors in a well ventilated area 
  • Leave to air 
  • Enjoy fresh shoes again


The canister of Deodorising Spray holds a whopping 250ml of product and we think thats long enough to blast even the smelliest of shoes for a while. 

Please note this is a pre order and deliveries will begin at the end of February. We'll let you know as soon as a dispatch date is available. 

Although a rigorous testing process has been completed with all of our products, we do still recommend testing out the foam and sprays on an inconspicuous spot on your shoes ahead of a full coating, especially for lighter colours

Shipping to US now available!


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Quick & convenient

Prolongs the lifespan of your footwear

Minutes to clean the most stubborn dirt build-up

Convenient & uses less than 300ml of water

Less time cleaning, more time playing!


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