Foam Cleaner

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Clean is a powerful new Foam Cleaner inspired by our incredible customers. 

  • Simply spray the foam onto your dirty footwear*
  • Gently work in the foam using your Boot Buddy
  • Use Boot Buddy to rinse and remove dirt and stains 
  • Leave to dry and enjoy clean shoes

The Clean Foam is awesome to remove stains and daily wear on the majority of shoe types, from trainers and canvas shoes to work-boots and sports shoes. Especially if you don't want to get your shoes wet or wash them in the washing machine.

The canister of Clean Foam holds a whopping 250ml of product, easily enough to liberally clean 15+ pairs of shoes.

Simply spray your shoe with a layer of foam and use your Boot Buddy brush to gently work it in. Wipe excess foam off with cloth. There's no need to use water on canvas shoes or trainers with mesh! 

The Clean Foam was developed to work alongside the Boot Buddy, aiding the cleaning power across most shoe types. 

*We wouldn't recommend using the Foam Cleaner on UGG boots or shoes similar to this texture, due to needing to use an abrasive brush to work in the foam. 

Although a rigorous testing process has been completed with all of our products, we do still recommend testing out the foam and sprays on an inconspicuous spot on your shoes ahead of a full coating, especially with lighter colours


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Quick & convenient

Prolongs the lifespan of your footwear

Minutes to clean the most stubborn dirt build-up

Convenient & uses less than 300ml of water

Less time cleaning, more time playing!


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