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for when your dog
gets muddy

super soft
Paw Buddy fur-friendly
rubber comb!

What is a Paw Buddy?

The Paw Buddy is the new way to clean off your muddy furry friend. Forget having to hose down your dog or having to wrestle them in the bath tub...

Our new device lets you clean off your dog's muddy paws using only 300ml of water before getting back into the car or house. As well as saving you water, it saves you time. Get your muddy dog looking clean and mud free in less than 5 minutes.



Backed by
3 Dragons

Dirty Doggy

Get your dog clean

in just a few easy steps!

Doggy Arrow
Clean Doggy

Step 1


with clean water

Fill with water

Step 2


the water flow to the bristles

Unlock water flow

Step 3


your dog's paws gently

Brush dog's paw

Step 4


out loose hair/debris

Comb loose hair

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